FSC1807 – Introducing Digital Media to Your Classroom


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On completion of this course you will be better equipped to understand how to use ICT in an educational environment including the use of applications in your classroom and school, leading to a more engaging and effective learning and teaching process. You will develop an ICT Plan, record pupil-centred CDs or podcasts, create school and classroom-based DVDs, and engage with graphics and digital images throughout.

Course Content

Module 1 – Developing an ICT Plan for your School

  • Why a school ICT Plan
  • Benefits and advantages of designing and developing an ICT plan that includes Cloud Computing and Virtual Worlds
  • Preparation of an ICT Plan
  • Sample School ICT plans from NCTE
  • Sample School ICT Plans from primary schools in Ireland

Module 2School Computer and ICT Equipment for Curriculum Linked Activities

  • ICT Component Parts
  • What are all of the Buttons, Sockets and Slots for?
  • Speaker Placement
  • The Basic Definitions of Digital Components
  • How to Connect to the Internet
  • A Quick Tour of a Web Browser
  • Introduction To Free Software
  • What Types Of Free Software Are Available?
  • Downloading And Installing Free Software

Module 3 – Recording Children’s Voices and creating a CD or a Podcast

  • Introduction to digital audio and audio editing
  • Installing, configuring, and setting up
  • Recording and copying audio files
  • Editing your audio file and adding special effects
  • Creating your first CD, Podcast or MP3 file

Module 4 – Creating a School DVD using Free Software

  • Introduction to digital video and video editing
  • Installing, configuring and setting up
  • Transferring your video to the PC
  • Editing and special effects
  • How to create your first DVD
  • Creating a DVD case, sleeve and disk artwork
  • Adding a sound track and audio effects
  • Ten essential school DVD projects for the classroom

Module 5 – Graphics and Digital Images, including Digital Photography for the Classroom

  • Introduction to digital photography and digital image manipulation
  • Getting started – what you need and other requirements
  • Understanding digital image attributes
  • Working with digital images
  • Advances techniques for enhancing and manipulating images
  • Resizing and resampling image resolutions and changing file sizes


You will be required to contribute at least two meaningful and relevant forum posts for each module of the course. Furthermore, at the end of each module there is a short assignment to complete before you progress to the next module. To successfully complete the course, you are required to complete a reflective learning assignment that demonstrates your achievement of the course’s stated learning outcomes.

Learning Records

As part of the successful completion of all summer courses, you will be required to compile a learning record that demonstrates your attainment of the course aims and learning outcomes. The learning record may contain tasks, work samples, assignments, photographs, reflections and other artefacts that demonstrate your learning during the course.

Your Learning Record should be in electronic format and at a minimum must contain the six completed assignments and all posts to the forums. Learning records must also contain a CPD.


Online: www.teachersummercourses.com

Phone: 076 602 5026

Course Duration: 20 hours

Course Fee: €69

Start Date: 2nd July 2018



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