FSC1811 – Leadership and Managing Conflict and Stress


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On completion of this course you will gain a better understanding of educational organisations and have a more complete understanding of how conflict and stress is an ever present force in any organisation. Furthermore, the course demonstrates how conflict and stress can be appropriately managed and re-imagined for the benefit of the individual and the school community. Along the journey you will assess your conflict management style and appreciate the role of mediation and negotiation in managing conflict in your school. You will examine and analyse the causes and effect of stress on you and your school, and describe how to support yourself and others in the school community to deal with stress.

Course Contents

Module 1 – Leadership and Learning to Lead Overview

  • What is leadership vis-à-vis management
  • Discover the multiple concepts of leadership
  • Learn about Liberation leadership and Distributed leadership
  • Leadership development for schools (LDS)
  • Learn to lead

Module 2 – Managing Conflict Part 1

  • Learn how conflict is created
  • Discover Five Conflict-Handling Modes
  • Learn about the Interest-Based Relational Approach to managing conflict
  • Conflict Management and Resolution Continuum
  • Mediation

Module 3 – Managing Conflict Part 2

  • Learn how to Deal with Difficult People at Work
    • Recognising and working with difficult people
    • Become aware of your vulnerability
    • Recognizing & working with personality dragons
  • Dealing with a Difficult Person or Negative Messages
  • Conflict in Groups and Teams
    • Positive v Negative conflict
      • Group Think
    • Symptoms of team conflict
    • Solutions to team conflict
  • Resolving conflict with a team leader

Module 4 – Managing Stress

  • A Brief Review of the Literature on Stress
  • Causes of Stress
  • Impact of Stress on Your School
  • Causes of Work-related Stress
  • What schools can do
  • What you can do
  • Learn how you cope in tough times
  • Managing your stress
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Building Defences

Module 5 – Time Management Skills

  • What is time management?
  • Pareto’s Principle applied to school issues
  • Assessing your ability
  • Principals’ Time Traps
  • Setting SMART goals and objectives
  • Making time work
  • Prioritizing To-Do lists
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Organising yourself & other people in the school community

After each module you will be required to contribute a post to the module forum in response to questions posed by the course facilitator. Each question will require critical thinking on the topic posited. The moderated forum is designed to stimulate discussion among your community of learners. During the course, you will need to answer multiple-choice questions to assess your knowledge retention.

When you have finished the five modules you will be expected to do an end of course assignment. This exercise will take the form of a reflective exercise, creation of a plan and/or a presentation which can be used in the following academic year. The assignment will provide you with an opportunity to analyse:

Key learning points

  • How the course relates to your own practice
  • How to apply what you have learned in your own school

Learning Records

As part of the successful completion of all summer courses, you are required to compile a learning record that demonstrates your attainment of the course aims and learning outcomes. The learning record may contain tasks, work samples, assignments, photographs, reflections and other artefacts that demonstrate your learning during the course.

Your Learning Record should be in electronic format and at a minimum must contain the six completed assignments (5 X MCQs and End of Course Assignment) and all posts to the forums. Learning records must also contain a CPD log. The log should verify that you’ve completed a minimum of ten hours of learning online and the maximum of ten self-verified hours allowable for other learning activities.

Course Requirements

  • PC, Tablet or Mobile
  • Speakers or Headphones


Online: www.teachersummercourses.com

Phone: 076 602 5026

Course Duration: 20 hours

Course Fee: €69

Start Date: 2nd July 2018



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