Fluirse Teacher Summer Course

FSC1901 – Effective and Engaging Classroom Presentation


On completion of this course, you will know how to use Impress software to create effective and engaging presentations that meet the needs of the curriculum. 

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On completion of this course, you will know how to use Impress software to create effective and engaging presentations that meet the needs of the curriculum. From the outset, you will use Impress software to create, edit, open and manipulate presentations that meet the needs of cross-curricular teaching. Part of the course will involve producing lesson plans that use the features of Impress to create effective and engaging presentations for a wide range of subjects. You will be encouraged to produce lesson plans that incorporate the use of an Interactive Whiteboard that encourages active learning and whole class participation.


Course Modules


Module 1:

  • Learn your way around the Impress interface
  • Insert various objects and text into an Impress presentation.
  • Learn how to re-arrange the sequence of slides in a slideshow
  • See examples of lesson plans suitable for use in an English class
  • Describe the evidence you might gather for the self-evaluation of your teaching practice vis a vis increasing student engagement


Module 2:

  • Know how slides can be formatted using text or bulleted/numbered lists
  • Learn the skills necessary to add background fills, colours, headers and footers
  • Design an outline lesson plan for an SPHE class using the features of Impress
  • Outline how you could make an individual lesson more engaging and interesting using Impress


Module 3:

  • Learn how to insert a sound clip and run a video clip
  • Discover how to add copyright-free images to a presentation
  • Learn how to add hyperlinks to a presentation
  • Develop a lesson plan using Impress for a History lesson
  • Write a short self-evaluation report on your Teaching Methodology and how you might use Impress


Module 4:

  • Understand the benefits of using an Interactive Whiteboard with Impress in the classroom
  • Use Custom Animations and Slide Transitions in an Impress presentation
  • Learn the skills necessary to upload an Impress presentation and make it available online
  • Develop a lesson plan using Impress in Maths


Module 5:

  • Understand the importance of good presentation design and how it can be used in teaching
  • Learn from some best practice teaching examples using presentations in the classroom
  • Create a presentation on the story of Cinderella for use in the classroom
  • Learn about free software apps available for teaching maths both basic and advanced



Each module will require you to contribute a post to the course forum in response to a question posed by the course facilitator. Each question will require you to use critical thinking. The questions are designed to stimulate discussion among your community of learners, thereby developing a community of practice. During the course, you will also be required to answer multiple-choice questions to assess your knowledge retention.

To complete the course, you must undertake a significant assignment based on all the course modules. This assignment will take the form of a reflective exercise on how you would use Impress features in a presentation to foster student collaboration. You will need to include:

  • Key learning points from the course
  • The skills you have developed on this course in terms of using Impress features
  • Practical examples of how you will apply what you have learned in your classroom in the year ahead



Online: www.fluirse.com

Phone: 076 602 5026

Post: Flúirse Education Solutions, Monavalley Business Park, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Course Duration: 20 hours

Course Fee: €69

Start Date: 1st  July 2019