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FSC2004 Blogs and Blogging in the Classroom


An exciting course on how to create multimedia content for your blog including image editing, podcasting and video creation for use in classroom teaching.

Learn the basic techniques involved in creating an educational blog, including FSC2004 Blog & blogging in the classroom Fluirse Teacher Summer Course 2020how to use blogger software to create, edit, open and update blogs.

You will learn how to create multimedia content for your blog including image editing, podcasting and video creation for use in classroom teaching. You will also learn how to foster whole class participation in using a classroom blog. By the end of the course, you will be able to integrate blog lessons into the classroom for use in everyday teaching and understand the possibilities of blogs through the introduction of inspiring examples.





  • Target Audience: Teachers who want to acquire up-to-date skills in creating or updating your current classroom or school blog
  • Equipment Required: All our courses are accessible through PC, Laptop, iPad, Tablet and Mobile devices. Internet access required with broadband speeds recommended
  • Prerequisites or Requirements: Suitable for all primary school teachers. You will be required to download free blogging software if you want to engage fully throughout the course
  • Duration: All Flúirse Online Teacher Summer Courses are available from July 1st – August 21st.  Each course requires approximately 20 hours of training and engagement
  • Course Fee: €69 (also available as part of a 2 course 4-EPV Day bundle for €89 or 3 Course 5-EPV Day bundle for €99)
  • EPV Days: This course is worth 3 EPV days (also available as part of a 2 course 4-EPV Day bundle or 3 Course 5-EPV Day bundle)
  • Support: Our team are available to support you throughout your training by phone, email, online chat, course forums and social media
  • Our Guarantee: No risk guarantee, if your not happy with your course for any reason within 21 days or enrollment we will issue you a full refund
  • Questions/ More Information: Call us now on 066 712 9828 or e-mail courses@fluirse.com




Module 1 – Introduction to Blogging

FSC2004 Blogs and blogging in the classroom Fluirse Teacher Summer Course 2020

  • Introduction to Blogs
  • Using blogs for interactive learning
  • Learn how a blog can be used by both teachers and students
  • Learn about popular blogging software
  • Understand how to write a blog post


Module 2 – Applying Images and Graphics

  • Know why you should add images to a blog
  • Install image software on your PC, or laptop
  • Edit and manipulate images in GIMP
  • Understand copyright and how it applies to images
  • Create a post on your blog and insert images to it


Module 3 – Podcasts, Videos and Other Essential Add-Ons

  • Learn what a podcast is
  • Plan a podcast
  • Learn tips on podcasting
  • Learn about the tools and equipment needed for podcasting
  • Learn how to add audio to your blog
  • Subscribe to audio content
  • Create a podcast
  • Create an RSS Feed for a podcast
  • Create video recordings
  • Learn about video editing software
  • Learn how to share videos


Module 4 – Blogging in Education

FSC2004 blogs and blogging in the classroom - fluirse summer courses 2020

  • Learn why blogging can be a useful tool in the classroom
  • Teach children about critical thinking and analyse their thoughts and to post them online
  • Teach students how to find information online
  • Teach students about copyright
  • Teach students about the positives and dangers of posting online.
  • Learn how to make self-directed learning a reality via blogging
  • Help students find their voice through blogging
  • Plans to gather evidence for SSE process – use the sample checklist for evaluation of literacy


Module 5 – 10 Essentials for Blogging Project for Primary Schools

  • Learn how to integrate blogs into the classroom
  • Discover blogs useful to Teachers
  • Learn how blogs can help to motivate pupils
  • Use blogs to improve literacy
  • Set up a Class news blog or School Diary blog
  • Create an online gallery and podcasts of student work
  • Create oral history podcasts
  • Learn about blogging beyond the classroom
  • Use blogs for international exchange
  • Be inspired by learning about how other schools use blogs
  • SSE: Plan how you will analyse and make judgments on your use of Blogs and blogging in your classroom using the SSE Teacher Self Reflection Sheet




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