FSC2036 Strategies to Promote Teacher Wellbeing During Educational Change – Fluirse Teacher Summer courses

FSC2036 Strategies to Promote Teacher Wellbeing During Educational Change


On completion of this course you will understand the need for teacher wellbeing and become familiar with the 5 ‘ways to wellbeing’ and will have examined how to put these into practice in your daily lives.


The purpose of this course is to equip primary school teachers with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to maintain FSC2036 Strategies to Promote Teacher Wellbeing During Educational Change – Fluirse Teacher Summer courses optimum wellbeing during times of educational change.

From the outset, you will be introduced to the concept of wellbeing and what it means. You will then explore what teacher wellbeing is, why it’s important and what it looks like in the classroom. Using a framework, you will be shown how to increase your wellbeing and how this can bring about improved learning outcomes for pupils. Lastly, you will be advised on how to include teacher wellbeing as part of your school self-evaluation process. Parts of this course will involve collaboration and discussion with fellow participants as well as engaging in practical activities. You will also be directed to useful resources.




  • Target Audience: Teachers who want to improve their wellbeing and maintain it during times of educational change
  • Equipment Required: All our courses are accessible through PC, Laptop, iPad, Tablet and Mobile devices. Internet access required with broadband speeds recommended
  • Prerequisites or Requirements: Suitable for all primary school teachers
  • Duration: All Flúirse Online Teacher Summer Courses are available from July 1st – August 21st.  Each course requires approximately 20 hours of training and engagement
  • Course Fee: €69 (also available as part of a 2 course 4-EPV Day bundle for €89 or 3 Course 5-EPV Day bundle for €99)
  • EPV Days: This course is worth 3 EPV days (also available as part of a 2 course 4-EPV Day bundle or 3 Course 5-EPV Day bundle)
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Module 1 – Teacher Wellbeing

FSC2036 Strategies to Promote Teacher Wellbeing During Educational Change – Fluirse Teacher Summer courses

  • What is wellbeing?
  • Identification of big educational changes that have occurred in recent years
  • Exploration of teacher wellbeing
  • Why is teacher wellbeing important?
  • What teacher wellbeing looks like in the classroom


Module 2 – A Framework for Improving Teacher Wellbeing

  • Introduction to the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ framework
  • An in-depth explanation of each of the 5 ‘ways to wellbeing’
  • Examples of how to put the 5 ‘ways to wellbeing’ into practice
  • Identifying contemporary research and DES policies that support the use of this framework
  • Discovering the ways in which using this framework will enhance learner experiences, in particular, when accessing the SPHE curriculum


Module 3 – Implementing the Framework Part 1

  • Learn practical strategies to connect with staff in the school environment
  • Collaborate with other participants to brainstorm more ways of connecting with staff
  • Explore ways of being active throughout the school day
  • Look at how enhanced teacher engagement from being active improves outcomes for pupils
  • Examine how connecting and being active can help a teacher relate to pupils and be a source of passion when innovatively teaching the SPHE strands ‘Myself and others’ and ‘Myself’


Module 4 – Implementing the Framework Part 2

  • Discover the benefits of practicing daily mindfulness
  • Engage in a 5 minute mindfulness activity that could be done in the classroom
  • Learn how to keep a gratitude journal and it’s benefits for the students
  • Learn simple ways of giving and learn the benefits this will have for the pupils, especially in creating a safe environment for them
  • Teaching school children to take notice and give as part of a bullying prevention strategy


Module 5 – Including Teacher Wellbeing in School Self-Evaluation

  • Explore how the last way to wellbeing ‘keep learning’ fits into the SSE process
  • Become familiar with DES policies for SSE and Wellbeing
  • Describe and give an example of how teacher wellbeing could fit into the six-step SSE process
  • Identify standards and domains of effective practice for teacher wellbeing




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