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FSC2006 - Web Technology & Cloud Computing - Fluirse Teacher Summer Courses

FSC2106 Web Technology & Cloud Computing in Education


Learn the skills to use educationally focused tools to fully utilise the web and technology including cloud and social media.

FSC2106 Web Technology & Cloud Computing in Education

On completion of this course, you will have the skills to use appropriate educational focused tools to use FSC2006 - Web Technology & Cloud Computing - Fluirse Teacher Summer Courses Online 2020Web Technology & Cloud Computing in Education to create effective and engaging learning and teaching. 

You will learn how to integrate technology and web-based applications to encourage whole class participation and learn how to connect to schools both locally, nationally and internationally using social media. As part of the course, you will also develop lesson plans using technology as the delivery method and learn how to search and source resources to be used in everyday teaching of the curriculum for use via technology and the web.



  • Target Audience: Teachers looking to develop skills on how to integrate technology and web-based applications into your classroom
  • Equipment Required: All our courses are accessible through PC, Laptop, iPad, Tablet and Mobile devices. Internet access required with broadband speeds recommended
  • Prerequisites or Requirements: Suitable for all primary school teachers. Prior use or access to social media accounts not necessary
  • Duration: All Flúirse Online Teacher Summer Courses are available from July 1st – August 20th.  Each course requires approximately 20 hours of training and engagement
  • Course Fee: €69 (also available as part of a 2 course 4-EPV Day bundle for €89 or 3 Course 5-EPV Day bundle for €99)
  • EPV Days: This course is worth 3 EPV days (also available as part of a 2 course 4-EPV Day bundle or 3 Course 5-EPV Day bundle)
  • Support: Our team are available to support you throughout your training by phone, email, online chat, course forums and social media
  • Our Guarantee: No risk guarantee, if your not happy with your course for any reason within 21 days of enrollment we will issue you a full refund
  • Questions/ More Information: Call us now on 066 712 9828 or e-mail [email protected]



Module 1 – Developing an ICT / Plan for Your School FSC2006 - Web Technology & Cloud Computing - Fluirse Teacher Summer Courses Online 2020

  • Discuss the advantages of having an ICT plan
  • Prepare and ICT plan – Use the SSE Sample Teacher’s Individual Planning as a guide
  • Learn how schools use ICT etc.
  • Understand GDPR vis a vis school and teacher’s responsibilities


Module 2 – School Computer and ICT Equipment for Curriculum-Linked Activities 

  • Know the different parts of a computer
  • Know where to place speakers in a classroom
  • Discover different ways to connect to the internet
  • Learn the different parts of Web browsers and how to Search online


Module 3 – Cloud Computing & Virtual Worlds for Schools and Education

  • Learn what cloud computing is
  • Application of cloud computing in education
  • Explore cloud-based operating systems, in particular, Eye OS
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Use of Virtual worlds in education
  • Second Life
  • Second Life Case Study
  • Popular Virtual Worlds for schools


Module 4 – Web-Based Applications for Use in Everyday Teaching

  • Understand web apps
  • Understand the merits of web app
  • Learn about popular web apps
  • Know the advantages of Google Drive
  • Explain to students how to use Google Drive
  • Using online apps for word processing, presentations, editing images and creating diagrams – Use the SSE Sample Checklist for Evaluation of Literacy
  • Explore Microsoft 365
  • Edit images with a web app
  • Create online diagrams


Module 5 – Problem Solving ICT in the ClassroomFSC2006 - Web Technology & Cloud Computing - Fluirse Teacher Summer Courses Online 2020

  • Understand dangers on the Internet
  • Identify Internet Security measures
  • Understand computer viruses
  • Understand what Worms are
  • Know what Trojans are
  • Understand Adware
  • Understand Spam and spyware
  • Take basic steps to maintain internet security
  • Back up to an external hard drive
  • Install and use Spybot




  • Please review our Frequently Asked Questions section here or contact our Summer Course support team directly at [email protected]